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Our History

The Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community has a rich history deeply rooted in the region around what is now known as Colusa County, California. With origins dating back centuries, the Tribe's ancestral lands have witnessed their cultural and societal evolution. Through challenges and resilience, the Colusa Indian Community has preserved their traditions, adapting to changing times while maintaining a strong connection to their heritage. Today, the Tribal community continues to play an integral role in the cultural and social fabric of their homelands, honoring their past while embracing their present and future.

Who Is Colusa Indian Energy?

Colusa Indian Energy is a Tribal owned corporation that brings decades of experience in the energy industry to your project. Specializing in identifying and applying for grant funding opportunities, turnkey EPC energy project services, and long term operations, Colusa Indian Energy aims to electrify Indian Country, provide reliable and affordable alternatives to the big utilities, and promote the use of green technologies.

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Turnkey Tribal energy projects

⚡️ Tribal energy independence 

⚡️ micro-grid construction & operation

⚡️ reservation wide energy infrastructure

⚡️ energy efficiency projects

⚡️ renewable power

⚡️ engineering

⚡️ EV charging infrastructure 

⚡️ grant writing and administration

⚡️ cogeneration for casinos, cannabis, and more


Colusa Indian Energy's Expertise

Leading the Tribal Energy Sovereignty Revolution


Colusa Indian Energy is the industry leader in Tribal micro-grid construction, engineering, and operations. Our home micro-grid has gone 12 years without a single power interruption. We can help your Tribe develop a micro-grid at any scale with infinite expandability for any application with the highest level of reliability. Our micro-grids are suitable for entire Indian reservations or any parts, including member housing, casino resorts, universities, ag loads, and more. 

Cogeneration Power 

We develop CoGen systems for casinos, cannabis operations, Tribal administration campuses, and any other large scale loads that require power generation, heating & cooling, and distribution. We are the subject matter experts in full scale combined heat and power installations and can expertly develop virtually any sized system that your Tribe requires. 

Service & Support

With a commitment to quality and efficiency, we tailor these solutions to each customers unique needs, enabling Tribes to extend their sovereignty into the energy infrastructure space. We can assist with Tribal Utility Authority formation, operations and maintenance, and consulting to help keep your systems trouble free for decades to come. 


Not only can we power all of your member housing, we do residential electrical installations, inspections, and maintenance. 

Our power systems truly transformer Tribal members' lives, by providing them with the reliable, clean, and inexpensive electricity that is often missing in Indian Country. 

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